2nd UNIT Work


2nd UNIT

While the Main-Unit shot with actors my 2nd-Unit traveled to the hard to reach locations with body doubles and shot stunts, pickups, vistas and VFX plates.


2nd UNIT

In NETFLIX KATLA with Reykjavik Studios I was 2nd-Unit Director on all Episodes. Contributing to the woldbuilding of the series with magnificent vistas, large number of car shots and a library of establishing shots for all main locations of the SERIES.


2nd UNIT

In Reykjavik Studios ENTRAPPED – I supervised 2nd-Unit work for the first part of Season 3 production.


2nd UNIT

In Sagafilm & Yellowbirds series Thin Ice we filmed in ICELAND and GREENLAND

In ICELAND we had two main units while 2nd UNIT shot a Library of Establishing shots and a Library of plates with actors to be VFX embedded in to Greenlandic landscapes. We also shot pickups for both main units when needed.

2nd UNIT handled all production in Greenland. After the Main-UNITS wrapped production we continued to Greenland for Pickups, Vistas and VFX Plates.