ICELAND AIRWAVES // a Rockumentary

Director: Guðjón Jónsson


The film was created in 2009-2010 as Entertainment for the Icelandair inflight system and as a documentation of what Iceland Airwaves is or was at the time. We released the film to the inflight system in 2009 but updated it again with new footage from 2010. 

The shooting was done with a crew of 3-4 splitting between venues to catch different acts happening at the same time but gathering the crew for the big numbers.

It was a fun production and we had a blast.

As we had so much of interesting material we estimated we would be able to create some 20-30 interesting shorts. I started working on them and did these three below. But then another assignment came and we ended up not moving forward with it. 




Breaking the Waves – AIRWAVES 2010 at Listasafn Reykjavíkur

FM Belfast

AIRWAVES 2010 at Nasa

Lay Low

By and By – AIRWAVES 2010 at Vesturbæjarlaug